Heritage bronze turkey on platter

Local Heritage Turkey: Reserve Today!

We’re excited to announce that we have laid in a limited supply of local Turkey for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, including the delicious, locally raised Heritage Bronze Turkeys that were such a hit last year, as well as Classic White Turkeys.


Heritage Turkey Raised On Wisconsin Pasture

This year’s Heritage Bronze Turkeys are being raised for Kettle Range on a beautiful farm in southeastern Wisconsin. While the weather permits, our birds are given unrestricted outdoor access where they can wander, socialize, and graze on grass, bugs, and other autumn forages.

Heritage Bronze Thanksgiving Turkeys on Pasture
This year’s Heritage Bronze Turkeys on the farm.

And if you prefer a more modern, broad breasted white turkey, we’re offering premium quality, reasonably Amish-Mennonite raised Classic White Turkeys from a trusted source in Pennsylvania.

What is Heritage Turkey?

Heritage breeds are varieties of domestic turkeys that retain historic characteristics of appearance and meat quality that are no longer present in the majority of modern turkey breeds raised on large, industrial scale farms. These breeds often grow more slowly and attain smaller average sizes than more modern breeds that have been optimized to be fast-growing and high-yielding.

Our favorite heritage breed, the Heritage Bronze, is notable for it’s smaller breasts, as well as it’s flavor-forward, juicy, finely-textured, darker meat.

We’ll Even Help You Prepare It

Short of time? Looking to try something new? This year we’re offering you a couple of new options.  You can have your heritage turkey brined and smoked in our professional smoker.  All you need to do is warm it up! Or, if you want to try something new, we’ll spatchcock your turkey for you.

Delicious House Made Sides

Impress your friends and family with an memorable holiday meal. Our chef is preparing some savory Bread and Sausage Stuffing made with our mild house made sausage, savory Turkey Gravy, and a few other surprises.

Reserve Yours Today

We have a limited number of these special birds, so CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOURS while supplies last.


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