Kettle Range Mixed Quarters of Grass Fed Beef

It’s a Wisconsin tradition to fill up the freezer for the winter by purchasing all or part of a steer from a local farmer, and this year we’ve been flooded with more requests for quarter-cow and half-cow shares than ever before.


We’ve reserved some of our very best grass fed and grass finished beef steers to harvest specifically for this purpose.


Harvest 1:        October 1

Pickup:            October 19

Available:        16 mixed quarter shares


Harvest 2:        October 22

Pickup:             November 9

Available:        16 mixed quarter shares


Price/LB (Hanging Weight):    $4.95/LB

Processing and Packaging:     $165.00

Reserve Deposit:                     $200.00 (Deducted from final invoice. Non-refundable!)

What is a Mixed Quarter?

A Mixed Quarter is just like it sounds, a mix of all of the cuts from the forequarter and rear quarter of the steer, including all of the basic roasts and steak cuts, plenty of ground beef, and more*:


Ground Beef                           35-40lb (1lb packs)

Stew Meat                              5lb (1lb packs)

Shoulder Roast                        3lb

Chuck Roast                            10-12lb (3 3lb roasts)

Sirloin Tip Roast                      3lb

Top Round Roast                     5-6lb (2 2-3lb roasts)

Brisket                                     5lb

Short Ribs                                5lb (2.5lb pack, English cut, 2.5lb pack, Kalbi cut)

Bone-In Ribeye Steaks            8lb (8 steaks)

T-Bone/Porterhouse Steaks    6-8lb (6 steaks)

Sirloin Steaks                           4-5lb (3-4 steaks)

Liver                                        3lb (3 1lb packs)

Shank                                       2lb

Soup Bones                             6lb (2 3lb packs)

Tallow                                     1 Pint

TOTAL                                     100LBS to 110LBS

*All weights are approximate and may vary. Your final invoice will reflect the actual hanging weight of the beef at the time of harvest.

What will the final price be?

Keeping in mind that the final weights may vary from steer to steer, we calculate your final price by multiplying the hanging weight by $4.95 and adding the $165.00 processing and packaging fee.


150LB x $4.95 = $742.50


$742.50 + $165.00 (Processing and Packaging Fee) = $907.50


Cost Per Pound = $907.50 divided by 115LB = $7.89/LB*


*Please remember that this is an approximate cost. Final cost/LB will be determined by the final hanging weight of the animal, the yield percentage, and other factors.  Mixed beef quarters are bulk/discounted items and are not eligible for Loyalty Rewards program discounts.

What is Hanging Weight?

Hanging weight is the final weight of the carcass after the head, hide and organs are removed. We use this weight to determine the cost of your mixed quarter by dividing the hanging weight by four. A typical grass fed steer will have a hanging weight of approximately 600LB.

600LB divided by 4 = 150LB

But, also remember that a significant amount of weight is lost when your quarter is butchered. Again, this will vary from animal to animal, but in general your quarter beef will yield about 95LBS-115LBS of meat.

How do I order?