Live Fire Cooking – Perfect Steaks and Chops

There is something special about the smell of meat over an open flame.  It’s immediately delicious, but there is also something primal about the process.  Recent archeological evidence points to the possibility that people have been cooking over live fire since our earliest days. Perhaps that explains why so many of us find the smells of the grill so irresistible and there is no better way to improve your live fire cooking skills than to learn to grill the perfect steak or chop.


This two hour class will provide participants with an overview of the basics of good grilling – the most common of the live fire cooking techniques. With an emphasis on steaks and chops, the course will address such topics as fuel sources, direct vs. indirect grilling methods, and pre-searing vs. reverse searing.  KRM staff will demonstrate the proper techniques for beef ribeye and sirloin as well as pork skirt steak and loin chop. There will be ample time for Q/A while sampling some marvelous cuts of meat.