Live Fire Cooking: Ribs Done Right

Live fire cooking, especially BBQ and other examples of smoking meat, has grown in popularity in the last couple of decades. No longer considered the strict domain of the American south, BBQ techniques are now being employed and re-interpreted all over the country. One of the staples of traditional American BBQ are pork ribs and this class aims to help you gain confidence slow smoking this classic cut.


This 3-4 hour class will provide participants with an overview of the basics of BBQ-style hot smoking techniques. Emphasizing pork spare ribs, the class will more broadly address the cooking of all types of pork ribs, beef ribs and lamb ribs.

Specific topics to be addressed include types of smokers and how best to use them, fuel sources, pre-treatment and seasoning.

There will be ample time for Q/A as well as sampling various rib preparations.

Each participant will leave with a section of pork spare ribs ready for the smoker or other slow cooking method at home.