Low-n-Slow: Roasting, Braising and Confit

The slow cooking of meat at low temperatures is not just about summer BBQ. Slow roasting, braising and confit can all be done easily in the home kitchen, all while the grills and smokers rest quietly in the cold. With the proper time, these technique can transform economical cuts into some of the most savory meats you will ever taste.


Low-N-Slow – Roasting, Braising and Confit is a half day (4-5 hours) meat crafting class. It begins by identifying retail cuts of pork, beef and poultry that are the best slow cooking candidates.  After a thorough introduction, staff will demonstrate preparation and set-up for the slow roasting of pork, braising of beef and confit of poultry. While this class will principally be taught through demonstration, participants will get hands-on practice with the trimming, tying and preparation of various cuts. Additionally, there will be plenty of sampling during a light lunch.  Each participant will take home samples as well as a collection of recipes to get them started at home with these incredible cold season cooking methods.