Mixed Quarters of Grass Fed Beef - Fall 2022

FINAL 2022 HARVEST. Stock up now and lock in this year's price for bulk freezer beef.

It’s a Wisconsin tradition to fill up the freezer by purchasing all or part of a steer from a local farmer, and this year we’ve been flooded with more requests for quarter-cow and half-cow shares than ever before.

We’ve reserved some of our very best grass fed and grass finished beef steers to harvest specifically for this purpose.

Kettle Range mixed quarter steer shares include 120-130lbs of locally raised antibiotic and hormone free Angus Cross Grass Fed and Grass Finished beef, including processing and individually wrapped cryovac packaging for a fixed price of $1,299.95.

What is a Mixed Quarter?

A Mixed Quarter is just like it sounds: a mixed quarter share of all of the cuts from one grass fed beef steer, including cuts from the forequarter and rear quarter.  A mixed quarter is a balanced selection of the popular cuts of beef, including the basic roast and steak cuts, as well as plenty of ground beef.

Each Kettle Range Mixed Quarter includes the following cuts:*

Ground Beef                           40lb (1lb packs)

Burger Patties                        10lbs (2lb packs of 3:1 patties)

Stew Meat                               5lb (1lb packs)

Shoulder Roast                      9lb (3 2-3lb roasts)

Chuck Roast                            9lb (3 2-3lb roasts)

Sirloin Tip Roast                    4lb (1 3-4lb roast)

Top Round Roast                   4lb (1 3-4lb roast)

Rump Roast                            4lb (1 3-4lb roast)

Brisket                                     5lb (1 4-5lb brisket)

Short Ribs                               2lb (2lb pack 2" cross-cut ribs)

Bone-In Ribeye Steaks         5lb (4-5 1.25" 20oz steaks)

T-Bone Steaks.                       7-8lb (4-5 1.25" 24oz steaks)

Bone-In Sirloin Steaks         5lb (2-3 1" 32oz steaks)

Shank                                      5lb (4 1-2lb cross-cut shanks)

FINAL WEIGHT               120LBS to 130LBS of vacuum packed frozen cuts*

*All weights are approximate and may vary. Cuts are standardized across all quarter beef packages and customization of your order is not permitted.

What will the final price be?

Rather than confusing you with live weight, hanging weight, processing costs and packaging costs, we have chosen to simplify our offering with a single fixed price of $1,299.00 per mixed quarter share, including processing charges and cryovac vacuum packaging. 125lb of individually wrapped steaks, roasts and ground beef, this comes out to $10.40/lb.  This is approximately $4.95/lb hanging weight.

You pay a $200 deposit now to reserve your Mixed Quarter Beef.  The balance ($1,099.00) will be due at the time of pickup.

Finally, please note that mixed beef quarters are bulk/discounted items and are not eligible for Kettle Range Loyalty Rewards program discounts. Quarter beef shares are uniformly cut and customization of your order is not permitted.

Don't Forget...

You are going to need to make sure that you have sufficient freezer storage space for this quantity of meat. A Mixed Quarter Beef will take up 3-4 cubic feet of space in your freezer. That's a lot of meat!

How do I order?

We have set aside a limited number of Mixed Quarter Shares and will be busy processing them fresh for the next couple of weeks. For the moment, we are offering the following reservations at the current price.

Please note that availability is limited and prices may change later this summer.

FINAL FALL 2022 HARVEST: End of October, 2022
Pickup: Week of November 7, 2022
Available: 20 mixed quarter shares

Do you still have questions? Contact us at support@kettlerangemeats.com