Summer Grilling Tips

The delicate balance of hot and cool, the height of the flame and the distance from the sun. When you fire
up the grill, you’re creating your own cooking universe. You are truly the master, controlling the fiery sun
and strategically placed meat planets for optimal cook times and temperatures. Okay, so maybe it’s not that
extreme, but cooking too close or too far away from your heat source can ruin a perfectly well-planned dinner. Check out these tips for setting up your coals and recommended methods for popular cuts.

Start Fresh

Remove any existing ash from your grill as debris can block vents needed to control temperature. Clean grates with a wire brush to remove any residue.


Create Your Heat Source

Chimney starters are an easy and efficient way to light your charcoal briquettes. Just follow these easy instructions:
• Flip chimney over and place pieces of newspaper in the bottom
• Fill chimney with charcoal (a standard chimney will hold 100 briquettes. You’ll only need about half than that 3-4 individual cuts)
• Light newspaper with matches through the
vents in the chimney
• Wait until the charcoal has turned to white
ash and dump into grill.





Arrange the Coals

There are a few great ways to create heat zones on your grill. You’ll want to have an area where meat can be cooked directly over the flame and an area where meat can be moved if it’s getting too charred or requires a longer cook time. If you stack coals in the middle of your grill, make sure you’re leaving enough room around the outside
for a cool resting place (8-10 inches)

Use Your Thermometer

Even the most experienced grillers don’t head for the yard without a trusty meat thermometer. Follow these easy guidelines for the perfectly cooked centerpiece. Remember, pork is best and can be served a little on the pink side. Especially if sourced from a trusted, local retailer.


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