Daily Menu: Ready-To-Eat Meals

    • Monday

    • Cajun Meatloaf

      Ground Grass-fed Beef and Heritage pork meatloaf mixed with Cajun spices and aromatics, served with KRMC Sausage Jambalaya rice with corn and peppers, tangy Bourbon glaze, and Jalapeno Corn Bread.

    • Tuesday

    • Chicken Tacos

      Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast marinated with chiles, seared, and sliced thin on flour tortillas with roasted sweet onions and peppers, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and crunchy twice fried Dominican style plantains

    • Wednesday

    • Braised Beef Brisket

      Grass-fed Beef Brisket slow braised with Beef Bone broth and red wine, with egg noodle “Kugel” topped with crunchy corn flake crumbs, and a mix of roasted vegetables including carrots and brussels sprouts

    • Thursday

    • Chicken Orecchiette Pasta

      Tender chicken thighs simmered in chicken broth, tossed in butter sauce with Orecchiette “Little ears” pasta, rapini, Kalamata olives, Pecorino cheese, and toasted pine nuts, with crispy garlic bread made with Sciortino’s rolls.

    • The Weekend (Fri-Sun)

    • Italian Beef Sandwiches

      Thin Sliced Grass-fed Sirloin steak seared on the griddle and simmered in savory au jus, on a toasted Sciortino’s roll, topped with spicy giardiniera, melted mozzarella, and provolone, served with bacon ranch pasta salad.

    • Sides:


      • Pork Belly Mac and Cheese
      • Smokehouse Baked Beans
      • Twice Baked Potatoes
      • Chicken Noodle Soup
      • Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Honey Mustard
      • Smoked Potato Salad
      • Chili
    • A La Carte

    • A la carte selections from the kitchen

      • Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth
      • Chicken Bone Broth
      • Cornish Pasties
      • Milwaukee BBQ Pulled Pork
      • BBQ Pulled Chicken
      • Chicken Pot Pie
      • Guinness Beef Pot Pie
    • Slow Cookers and Meal Kits

    • Creamy Chicken Fricassee - Slow Cooker

      Tender pieces of cage-free chicken with artichokes, red bell pepper, onions, scallions and fingerling potatoes. Ready to slow simmer in a hearty blend of heavy cream and house-made chicken broth. Feeds 4 for $25.

    • Honey Garlic Chicken - Stiry Fry

      Tender pieces of cage-free chicken with green beans, broccoli and water chestnuts. Served with a flavorful glaze of soy sauce, honey and garlic. Served over Jasmine rice. Serves 4-5 for $30.

    • Beef & Broccoli - Tray Bake

      Tender pieces of grass-fed beef with scallions, broccoli and peanuts. Served over rice and topped with a sweet sesame sauce with hints of ginger. Serves 4-5 for $30.

What's Cooking at Kettle Range - Farm-to-Table Meals

Farm-to-Table Meals, Made Fresh Daily

We know that our customers lead busy lives and don't always have time to cook, so we're excited to announce to offer ready-to-eat farm-to-table meal program.

Each day, Kettle Range Chef, Jeff McCarthy is creating an eclectic, daily farm-to-table menu  featuring the best of our finest grass fed and pastured meats. Just pick up your favorite option, including a main dish and sides, take it home and heat it up.

And like all Kettle Range products, our farm-to-table meals are made with locally raised, antibiotic and hormone free meat.

Meal options change daily.  There is a limited number of meals each day, so get them before they sell out!