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Mixed Beef Quarters

Stock up now and lock in this year's price for bulk freezer beef.

Kettle Range mixed quarter steer shares include 120-130lbs of locally raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished antibiotic and hormone free beef, including processing charges, portion cutting, and individual cryovac packing for a fixed price of $1,195.

What is a mixed quarter?

This is a balanced selection of all the cuts from forequarter and hindquarter of one grass-fed beef steer, including the most popular cuts of beef, basic roast and steak cuts, and plenty of ground beef.

Each Kettle Range mixed quarter includes:

  • Ground Beef 30lb (30-1lb packs)
  • Burger Patties 10lbs (10-11lb packs of 3:1 patties)
  • Stew Meat 5lb (5-1lb packs)
  • Shoulder Roast 9lb (3-2 to 3lb roasts)
  • Chuck Roast 9lb (3-2 to 3lb roasts)
  • Sirloin Tip Roast 4lb (1-3 to 4lb roast)
  • Top Round Roast 4lb (1-3 to 4lb roast)
  • Rump Roast 4lb (1-3 to 4lb roast)
  • Brisket 5lb (1-4 to 5lb brisket)
  • Short Ribs 2lb (1-2lb pack 2″ cross-cut ribs)
  • Bone-In Ribeye Steaks 5lb (5-6 1″ 16oz steaks)
  • T-Bone Steaks. 7-8lb (4-5 1″ 20oz steaks)
  • Bone-In Sirloin Steaks 5lb (3-4 1″ 24oz steaks)
  • Shank 5lb (4 1-2lb cross-cut shanks)
  • Soup Bones. About 10lb mixed knuckle and marrow bones.


FINAL WEIGHT 120-130LBS of vacuum packed frozen cuts*

*All weights are approximate and may vary. Cuts are standardized across all quarter beef packages. Order customization is not available.


What will the final price be?

We simplify our offering to include everything – live weight, hanging weight, processing and vacuum packaging costs – with a fixed price of $1,195.00 per mixed quarter share. For 125lbs. of individually wrapped steaks, roasts and ground beef this comes to $9.56/lb INCLUDING ALL custom processing and packaging fees.


You can reserve your mixed quarter beef with a $250.00 deposit. The balance of $945.00 will be due at pickup.


Please note: mixed beef quarters are bulk/discounted items and not eligible for Kettle Range Loyalty Rewards program discounts. Quarter beef shares are uniformly cut. Order customization is not available.

How do I order?

A limited number of mixed quarter shares are available on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve yours with our online reservation system. We will call you to confirm order details and your pick up date.

Be sure that you have sufficient freezer storage space for this quantity of meat. A mixed quarter qeef will take up 3-4 cubic feet of space in your freezer (about 3 standard-sized suitcases). That’s a lot of meat!


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