Christmas Roast Update:

Due to the large influx of orders, we are unable to take any last-minute reservations on the website.

Many of our Christmas roast options are currently SOLD OUT, but we will have as many options as possible available to select from a la carte in our State Street and Elm Grove shops.

This online reservation page will be re-opened on Sunday, 12/26 for New Years orders.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support!


Hand-cut premium all natural antibiotic and hormone free 

Beef Tenderloin Roast

Highly prized filet mignon. Roast it whole or cut in to individual steaks.

SOLD OUT - Individual roasts may be available for purchase a la carte in the shop.


Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib)

The king of the unforgettable holiday meal, this tender, generously marbled bone-in standing rib roast is trimmed and tied for an exquisite presentation.

SOLD OUT - Individual roasts may be available for purchase a la carte in the shop.

Beef Brisket

An incomparably textured, flavorful roast from the breast of the steer. Perfect for smoking or braising.

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Steakhouse Roast

Whole New York Strip Loin with fat cap. Perfect for roasting and cutting thick or thin for steak portions or sandwiches.

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Premium selections of heritage pork

Pork Loin Roasts (Bone-In or Boneless)

Heritage Pork Loin roasts available bone-in or boneless.

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Pork Crown Roasts

Heritage Pork Loin roasts available bone-in or boneless. SOLD OUT - Individual roasts may be available for purchase a la carte in the shop.

Pork Porchetta Roast

A show-stopping pork roast of heritage pork belly (skinless) wrapped around a center-cut boneless loin seasoned with traditional Italian herbs and spices.


House Smoked Boneless Ham

Traditional maple cured Hickory smoked heritage half ham. Average weight 6-8 lbs. Feeds 12-16 hungry  guests. SOLD OUT - Additional hams may become available for a la carte purchase in the shops.


Heritage Bourbon Organic Turkey, Frozen

Unique and delicious Wisconsin raised Heritage Bourbon Organic Turkey. Frozen, 10-15lbs.

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Wisconsin Pheasant

Something unique for your special holiday dinner. Wisconsin raised McFarlane Pheasant. All natural, antibiotic and hormone free. With giblets. Approximately 3-3.5lb.


Whole Duck

A novel twist on the holiday roast. Whole Culver Duck is all natural and raised without antibiotics or hormones. Each duck is frozen and weighs approximately 5lbs.

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There are a limited number of holiday roasts available for pre-order. Due to the volume of demand, Kettle Range reserves the right to source quality, all natural beef and heritage pork from carefully selected suppliers. All weights are approximate and the final weight of your order may vary. A $25 deposit is required for all holiday roast reservations. Changes to your order may be made up to 72 hours from your selected pickup date. Cancellations will result in the loss of your $25 deposit.